Centralized vs. Decentralized Scheduling

Many of the organizations I work with spend a considerable amount of time deciding between a centralized and decentralized setup. When I am working with an organization to set up their room and resource booking practices I like to go over the advantages and disadvantages of each. Most organizations will have resource reservation software as well. These tools can be used for both types of scheduling.

Centralized scheduling is a practice where all scheduling requests go through a scheduler or a group of schedulers. Anyone in the organization that wishes to book a room or other resource must go through the centralized scheduler(s) first.

– High degree of control over scheduling
– Support for scheduling is easy to locate
– Centralized schedulers can double as dispute resolution managers

– Less efficient scheduling practices
– Requires dedicated schedulers

Decentralized scheduling allows all members of an organization to reserve their resources through a standardized booking process. Typically this involves a “first come, first serve” setup along with a set of business rules to govern resource booking.

– More efficient resource scheduling
– Does not require dedicated schedulers

– Less control over scheduling
– Requires a scheduling system to be in place

Most companies will fall somewhere between a completely centralized resource scheduling system and a completely decentralized resource scheduling system. Depending on your company culture you may want to consider either option to best suit organizational needs.



Blake P – Project Manager

EmergingSoft Outreach: DinoMights

DinoMights is a development program focused on engaging urban youth through hockey. DinoMights provides academic tutoring, mentoring, computer instruction, community service, and other faith-based activities. This organization focuses on the four components of PASS: physical, academic, social, and spiritual. Through this process, DinoMights maintains a relationship from elementary years through high school graduation.

Garth Brooks Teammates for Kids Foundation recently hosted a DinoMights camp. This event was a three hour hockey camp that Garth brooks attended and was covered by several news stations. See this article on the event from Fox 9 News.

DinoMights started in 1995 and has been shaping Minnesota’s youth for almost 20 years. For more information on DinoMights visit http://www.dinomights.com/ and find out how you can help. DinoMights is one of the organizations that the EmergingSoft team supports regularly.

EmergingSoft Outreach Series: Project for Pride in Living

Project for Pride in Living (PPL) is an organization dedicated to empowering individuals living on low income or in poverty to gain self-sufficient skills through provided resources and services. PPL offers housing, employment training, support services, and education to individuals and families in need. According to Project for Pride in Living, their agency has served more than 13,000 low-income people annually.

Through housing, employment training, support services, youth, programs and schools, PPL strives to live up to their mission of “helping people help themselves”.

One of the EmergingSoft team members regularly volunteers his time at PLL by presenting, teaching and helping build resumes for those who are trying to find a job.

What is Hot-Desking?

Perhaps you have heard of companies that no longer use assigned seating or are using “hot-desking” in their offices. Hot-desking is used to better manage space in an office by allowing employees to book a work space using an online tool. In a traditional office an empty desk or office would be unused and underutilized. With hot-desking an empty office can be booked by an employee and is no longer wasted space.

The Interactive FloorPlanner from EmergingSoft is ideal for companies that use hot-desking or have work spaces that can be booked on an ongoing basis. Employees simply use the map to find an open space, select the space, and reserve it. Check out FloorPlanner today!

Book Rooms with the MeetingPlanner Interactive FloorPlanner

Book Rooms with the MeetingPlanner Interactive FloorPlanner

What is Power Over Ethernet? (PoE)

Have you ever wondered what Power Over Ethernet means? Are you looking for digital signage and wondering whether or not you should buy a Power Over Ethernet sign? Power Over Ethernet refers to the ability to power an electronic device and connect to a network through one cord. Many electronic devices use Power Over Ethernet and some can be powered by a Power Over Ethernet or a standard adapter. Power Over Ethernet offers a cleaner display as well as easier power cable management.


Check out this Power Over Ethernet sign that works well with MeetingPlanner Touch!

IADEA PoE DisplayIADEA PoE Display

EmergingSoft Outreach Series: Viva Musica

Viva Musica is a nonprofit organization that is locally based in Minnesota. Viva Musica strives to inspire young minds to express themselves through the art of music. By providing necessary tools and instruments, Viva Musica grows young minds through art and music education. This special organization believes that music and art fuels creativity, personal growth and purpose and given the right resources, anything is possible!

By working with schools across Minnesota, Viva Musica provides students and faculty with the necessary tools to facilitate learning and creativity. The Lucille Project is another way this organization gives back to the community and inspires young artists. Through this project, a handful of young Minnesotan musicians will receive a guitar generously donated from LaDoten Custom Guitars.

EmergingSoft is proud to highlight Viva Musica. Check out the Viva Musica site and see how you can get involved! If you are involved with a nonprofit in any way, contact us today to see how EmergingSoft’s solutions can help improve efficiency in nonprofit organizations along with many other professional industries!

EmergingSoft Outreach Series: The Miracles of Mitch Foundation

Miracles of Mitch is a foundation that eases financial and emotional burdens that many families experience in the event that their child has been diagnosed with cancer. Before nine-year old Mitch Chepokos lost his brave battle to cancer, he made a “Pinky Promise” with his father to help leave a legacy many of us couldn’t even imagine. Mitch was concerned with the fact that many other children in the pediatric oncology wing would go days without a single visitor. Mitch’s dad explained that the diagnosis of cancer puts financial and emotional strain families, which often leads to them not being able to spend time with their loved one who is diagnosed. Mitch was deeply moved by this sad news, and decided to withdraw all of the money his account, and anonymously distribute it to the other children on his floor. This brought so much joy to Mitch that he made his father promise him that he would continue to support other children with cancer and their families by providing immediate needs, and unique family programs. Mitch passed away on April 11, 2003, and that same year the Miracles of Mitch foundation was established. Miracles of Mitch is continues to be dedicated in fulfilling their mission of “keeping Mitch’s Pinky Swear and helping children with cancer and their families”.

Shauna Kopp, Project Manager and Technical Writer at EmergingSoft, regularly volunteers for Miracles of Mitch Foundation. She has been involved in various activities to raise money for the foundation such as organized walk events, and food donations to families affected by cancer diagnoses. A few years back, her kids took a field trip and did some fundraising for Miracles of Mitch, and ever since then Shauna has fallen in love with the foundation and what they stand for and continues to volunteer as much as she can.

EmergingSoft is proud to highlight The Miracles of Mitch Foundation and what they do for the families of pediatric cancer patients. Check out their website and see how you can get involved! If you are involved with a nonprofit in any way, contact us today to see how EmergingSoft’s solutions can help improve efficiency in nonprofit organizations along with many other professional industries!

The Top 5 Benefits of Using Scheduling Software

Scheduling software has become a popular method for businesses to control organization of internal appointments and meetings. EmergingSoft’s partners from many different industries have reaped the benefits of MeetingPlanner, our software scheduling solution.

If you’re curious about these benefits of using online scheduling software over traditional scheduling ways, we’re here to spell them out!

1. Increased productivity. Reduce “no shows”, double-booking and overall wasted time. Using a scheduling software like MeetingPlanner allows users to access all meeting information in one place, which allows them to focus their time and energy on more important agendas besides figuring out when and where they need to show up!

2. Accessibility. MeetingPlanner allows users to view meeting subject, organizer and time on readily available monitors including your desktop, commercial PoE signboards, iPads and other tablets.

3. Customization. Fit your business’ specific needs by editing meeting check-in times, business rules, and abandoned meeting tracking. Additionally, EmergingSoft solutions provide design customization to fit the company’s brand.

4. Support. MeetingPlanner allows the owner and members of the meeting to easily reserve conference room equipment, catering, and IT support which relieves the stress of a resource not being available at the time of the meeting.

5. Increased efficiency. When effective scheduling software is implemented, it is makes one’s entire business run smoothly, and efficiently. EmergingSoft’s MeetingPlanner scheduling software allows you to quickly find available rooms, utilize automatic workflow, and use custom notification services.

Besides these five, there are many other benefits that business can expect when making the switch to MeetingPlanner. To see how easy it is to make the switch, contact us today!

The Four Pillars of Digital Signage

Digital signage creates opportunities in all segments of business marketing. Keep these four pillars in mind when considering implementing this sophisticated tool:

1. Advertisement. Digital signage gives businesses the ability to position their ads in high traffic and high volume areas using an attractive interface with a steady revenue.

2. Education. Digital signage is a pathway in which to educate an audience about the given product or service.

3. Information. Besides showing a product or service, digital signage also is an organized way to display simple information. Information such as scheduling or menu lists are often common when businesses utilize digital signage.

4. Entertainment. Normally, entertainment is a secondary purpose for many businesses who use digital signage. However, this pillar is important merely because digital signage has a certain “flashiness” over its print competitor and its important to use this to both capture and retain audience attention.

EmergingSoft recognizes these aspects as an important foundation when implementing scheduling software. If you have any questions on how our solutions can improve your business’ profesionalism today, contact us!

New Partnership With Café Inc.

November 2014 – Café Inc. is a workspace that offers an energizing environment for professional members. In order to enhance the café’s scheduling organization, recently implemented MeetingPlanner Touch to fulfill all conference room reservation needs. Using iPads, Café Inc. displays a bright, simple, and straightforward solution for members attempting to reserve conference rooms within the café.

According to Nathan Jameson, Project Manager at Café Inc., “Meeting Planner allows our concierge staff to easily and effectively manage our conference room reservations for a variety of members”. Nathan expressed that MeetingPlanner Touch has not only helped with internal organization, but has also helped “achieve a professional look and feel of a modern and energetic corporate office.”

Below is a picture of the MeetingPlanner Touch displays installed at Café Inc. To learn more about how your business can use MeetingPlanner Touch to transform your workspace into a more professional atmosphere, Contact Us today!

MeetingPlanner Touch is "in action" at Café Inc.!

MeetingPlanner Touch is “in action” at Café Inc.!